In the Federation Council noted the absence of disputes over amendments to the Constitution on international topics

В Совфеде указали на отсутствие споров из-за поправок к Конституции по международной тематике

Amendments to the Constitution for the consolidation of territorial integrity and the policy on strengthening international peace, had not been questioned abroad. This statement was made head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

“Amendment 67 article [on the protection of territorial integrity] is not in any doubt in the international community in political, in legal [terms]. This provision, new to our Constitution, in fact, is totally accepted norm in international relations,” the Senator said at the meeting of the working group on monitoring of implementation of amendments to the basic law.

The only country “from which heard some questions,” he called Japan and pointed to “obvious reasons” for such a situation.

“Every time this question is answered are the following: that any negotiations with Japan on the territorial issue no. On behalf of the leaders of the two countries, negotiations and consultations on the peace Treaty conclusion between Russia and Japan, is a completely different topic,” – said Kosachev, explaining that it is primarily about the recognition of Japan the outcome of the Second world war.

The Senator also noted the absence of any comment on the remarks to article 79 on the use by Russia of measures to maintain and strengthen international peace and security and the peaceful coexistence of States and peoples, non-interference in internal Affairs.

“In my opinion in vain. And I attribute this to only one – the fact that, despite well-known attacks on Russian foreign policy from the West, actually all understand that here is the wording, the rule was that Russia strengthens international peace and security, not to interfere in the Affairs of other States, recognized by the world, the world does not see in this position is nothing new,” – said the MP and assured that in the US Constitution such article can not appear as the real policy of Washington, “aimed at intervention in Affairs of other States, and certainly not aimed at strengthening of peace.”

In addition, Kosachev expressed the hope that the wording of the Venice Commission in respect of the new rules on the priority of the Constitution over international agreements will be correct.