In the first half in the General Fund budget shortfall of more than 38 billion

В первом полугодии в общий фонд госбюджета недополучено более 38 млрд грн

In the first half of this year to the General Fund of the state budget shortfall of more than 38 billion UAH of planned revenues. This was stated by the Chairman of the accounts chamber Valery Patskan, commenting on the implementation of the State budget of Ukraine in January – June 2020.

“Analysis of the operational accountability of the Treasury showed that which month in a row the amount of the shortfall remains significant. In January-June 2020 plan revenues of the General Fund of the state budget is not made to 38.4 billion UAH, or 7.8%,” – said Valery Patskan.

According to him, the less the plan was revenue from VAT on goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine goods – by UAH 33.2 billion (22.3 per cent), the rental fee for use of mineral resources 7.1 bln (39.1%), the tax and fee on the income of natural persons – by UAH 2.2 billion (3.9 percent), import duties – 0.9 billion UAH (9.2 percent).

“Unfortunately, challenges remain with the receipts from customs and tax. The plan of revenues administered by the customs service is not performed at 34 billion UAH (21,4%), service tax – by UAH 1.7 billion (0.6 per cent) “, – said the Chairman of the accounts chamber.

Less than plan and expenses of the General Fund. In January – June it amounted to UAH 51 billion (9.6 per cent).

In particular, the plan held less expenses on realization of programs of state guarantees of medical care, measures to counter the spread of acute respiratory diseases COVID-19, etc., to 29.9 billion UAH (30,4%). Due to the strengthening of the hryvnia in January – June 2020, compared to the forecast, the costs of servicing the public debt decreased by UAH 7.1 billion (10.3 per cent); and the savings in salary and monetary support of servicemen, primarily for budgetary programs of the Ministry of interior has become the main factor in cost savings on labor charges by 6 billion (5.4 percent).

Less plan held spending on social welfare – 4.8 billion UAH (2,9%); medicines and dressing materials, food – 1.2 billion UAH (26,6%); subventions to local budgets – UAH 1.1 billion (1.6 percent).

The Chairman of the audit chamber also noted that the expenditures from the state budget to the Pension Fund of Ukraine was carried out in accordance with the plan for January – June. “In addition, to cover temporary cash gaps of the Pension Fund of Ukraine the State Treasury service of Ukraine provided from the single Treasury account 67,4 bln of loans. Not returned 11.4 billion hryvnia. The total debt provided by the Pension Fund from the single Treasury account loans rose to 59.4 billion hryvnia,” – said Valery Patskan.

He noted that the General Fund of the state budget were financed primarily by government borrowing, which amounted to RUB 259.5 billion (99.8 percent) sources of funding. The signing of the agreement with the IMF and receipt of the first tranche allowed to bring in June to 70.2 bln of attracted for six months of 105.8 billion hryvnia external revenues.