In the framework of the anti-Smoking campaign of Gears 5 and subsequent games in the series will remove scenes of Smoking

В рамках антитабачной кампании из Gears 5 и последующих игр серии уберут сцены курения

It would seem that Smoking is the lesser of two evils brutal world of Gears of War. However, the authors of the game of The Coalition believe it is a serious problem that can popularize the habit. Therefore, in Gears 5 and following games of a series of scenes depicting this process, Variety reports.

The decision to remove all scenes of Smoking of Gears 5 was taken after the non-profit anti-Smoking organization Truth Initiative appealed to the cable network Turner, owns the rights to broadcast eSports on the game. Turner, in turn, started cooperation with Microsoft and The Coalitionto save the fighter from the unwanted frames.

“I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of Smoking, – said the head of The Coalition Rod Fergusson (Rod Fergusson). – For me it was always important not to use Smoking as a narrative tool, so we made a conscious choice not to romanticize this process in Gears 5 and subsequent games in the universe of Gears of War.

According to Seth Sadecki (Seth Ladetsky), senior Vice President of sales division of Turner Sports, the removal of images of Smoking from the Gears 5 took several months.

Ledecky also stated that the deletion of scenes with Smoking does not change the essence of the game (which, recall, 17+) and led the study that shows a correlation between the image of Smoking in the entertainment and the spread of habits among young people.

This initiative was announced in the eve of the first tournament game, which will take place even before its release on July 13-14. According to research by the consulting company Activate, 62 % of viewers of eSports in the US – young people from 18 to 34 years.

Gears 5 will be released September 10 for Xbox One and PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store).

В рамках антитабачной кампании из Gears 5 и последующих игр серии уберут сцены курения