In the game World of Tanks started the season SummerSlam: details

В игре World of Tanks стартовал сезон SummerSlam: детали

В игре World of Tanks стартовал сезон SummerSlam: детали

World of Tanks has launched the next update 5.0, which in the game kicked off the season, SummerSlam. The event will start on July 21 and will last exactly two months, until 21 September.

This 24 channel said in a press-service of Wargaming. The update is available to players on PlayStation and Xbox.


20-million-strong audience of the game will get a new Hangar. Each collector tank is a special video featuring the stars of WWE, and these premium cars will get a unique design.

In addition, the PlayStation and Xbox players will get to choose from 5 unique tanks.

Also you cross-platform game. With version 5.0, you receive the opportunity to fight together, which will greatly expand the player base and reduce the waiting time of battle for all levels of technology.

The game mode returned to “the battlefield”, popular among fans of the genre RTS.

Recall that in 2020 the legendary game World of Tank celebrates its 10th anniversary. In celebration throughout the summer, players get interesting news and surprises.

And a Grand birthday celebration games will be held August 12.

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