In the game World of Warships Blitz appears French battleships

В игре World of Warships Blitz появятся французские линкоры

Became aware of the range of World of Warships Blitz replenished eight French battleships. Each ship has its own characteristics, and they will undoubtedly make a substantial variety in gameplay.

Opens the group battleship level III Turenne, which can be tested immediately after the study of the cruiser level III Friant. Full gallery of French recruits looks like this:

  • Turenne, III level;
  • Courbet, level IV;
  • Bretagne, the level V;
  • Normandie, VI level;
  • Lyon, VII level;
  • Gascogne VIII level;
  • Alsace, IX level;
  • R?publique, X level.

At low levels the French have much in common with battleships of other Nations due to good armor and powerful guns. But as we move to higher levels they add in speed and more and more like battlecruisers. Starting from the VII-level battleships appear in all its glory: the powerful air defense and turret with four guns making them very dangerous opponents. However, for larger number of guns had to sacrifice their caliber.

In General, French battleships fast and agile, which is not quite typical for this class of ships, and due to the skill “fast and furious” they can accelerate even faster. But speed is not their only advantage: fairly accurate guns perfectly compensate for the biggest disadvantage of these ships are weak book.