In the Gobi desert found a huge dinosaur skeleton

According to Japanese and Mongolian researchers, the skeleton belongs to a sauropod, aged 70 million years.

В пустыне Гоби обнаружили огромный скелет динозавра

A group of researchers from Japan and Mongolia found in the Gobi desert, a huge dinosaur’s skeleton, presumably belonging to the sauropod, the species of dinosaurs that lived on the planet 70 million years ago. They lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods on almost all continents, with was a length of sometimes more than 20 meters, and weighing from 15 to 30 tons. These representatives dinosaurs calmly endured any extreme climatic conditions.Chief among the bones found is the hip and tail of the skeleton, and one of the thighs was a length of 1.55 metres. The researchers argue that this is one of the largest samples of previously discovered.

В пустыне Гоби обнаружили огромный скелет динозавра

Also, during this expedition they found a huge footprint of a herbivorous dinosaur of the order of ornithopoda. At the same time managed to establish that at length he was 17-metre, which is 5 meters more than the famous Tyrannosaurus.Paleontologists quite a long time, explore ancient organisms and animals that previously inhabited the planet Earth. According to their research, now people can understand what stages was the Land previously and what she represented. It is certainly very important in the key of the knowledge of human origins and such studies provide food for thought and other academics.

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