In the hands of Ukrainians, millions of illegal “barrels”.

На руках у украинцев миллионы нелегальных "стволов" - Луценко

Currently in Ukraine there are three to five million pieces of illegal weapons.

Millions of pieces of illegal weapons in circulation in Ukraine. In an interview, “visiting Dmitry Gordon”, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

According to him, these estimates are the Ministry of internal Affairs. “I’m not kidding, in the country from 3 to 5 million illegal guns”, – assured Lutsenko.

The attorney General also complained that a number of weapons to seize impossible. According to the head of the GPU, these weapons should be legalized, excluding from the list of legal weapons, grenade launchers, mines and explosives.

“From my perspective, it is necessary to legalise the weapons… with the obligatory gilttery, with psychiatric drug and allexperts, further, it is possible”, – said Lutsenko.

However, the attorney General spoke out against the imposition of the death penalty in Ukraine. “If the government publicly announces the right to take a life, then this example will follow your Raskolnikov,” – said Lutsenko.

Also the head of the GPU stated that he opposes drug legalization, but supports the idea of legalization of prostitution.