In the helicopter Kobe Bryant was not the black box

At the crash site of the helicopter Sikorsky S-76, which crashed on the legendary NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant and eight other people, including his 13-year-old daughter, have not revealed the flight recorder.

According to the representative of the National safety Board, the pilot used an iPad, on which was laid the data about the route, weather conditions and other information that will be used during the investigation of the disaster. Now it will be studied by investigators.

The police asks witnesses to provide pictures of the weather in the area Sunday morning to determine flight conditions.

What is known about the plane crash and the death of Kobe Bryant?

The crash occurred near Los Angeles, namely, near the town of Calabash, on the Morning of January 26 local time. Media reports that the accident occurred 25 minutes into the flight, before that, at an altitude of 500 meters with a car lost contact. The Federal aviation administration, for its part, reported that the accident occurred under “unknown circumstances”. The investigation of the incident is now dealt with by the authorities.

At the time of the tragedy on Board were 9 people, all died. Except for Kobe Bryant and his daughter in the helicopter flying partner Gianni on the basketball team Alyssa and her father is a probably 56-year-old coach in College baseball orange coast – the John Altobelli. Also with them was the child’s mother and coach’s wife – Cary the Altobelli. In addition, killing the pilot of the helicopter.

It is known that Kobe Bryant was flying on the helicopter type Sikorsky S-76 – it was his own helicopter, awesomem the athlete has used in years. In particular, getting to downtown Los Angeles from his home in Newport beach back when I played basketball. He finished his career in 2016.