In the hospital of Dnieper died 12-year-old boy

В больнице Днепра умер 12-летний мальчик

Scandal is gaining momentum, associated with the death of 12-year-old schoolboy in intensive care unit of Regional children’s hospital on the Space. Reports of the death of a child began to appear after 20 March.

Facebook-group 12 Quarter of the Dnieper.

The let Dnipro right back Sergey V. wrote that the child died due to the negligence of a doctor.

April 2 this story was personally told in Facebook boy’s mother is Anna Orlova.

– March 19, Kirill Orlov of 12 years was admitted to the regional children’s hospital on a Space with a complaint of severe headache, and the beginning of the story the woman.

The correspondent of “evening Dnepr” the boy’s mother said that on Monday 18 March Cyril suddenly became ill. He complained of severe headaches, and the child was vomiting. The boy said that while playing football collided with another player, but said that the collision was not strong. The teenager was hospitalized at Children’s city hospital No. 6, where he spent the night. The boy made it to ECHO’s head and saw that one of the vessels is thickened. Then on March 19 at the ambulance he was transported into Space, where Cyril was examined by a young Intern doctor. Mother said that the neurosurgeons conducting a very complex operation and very busy. From 12:00 to 15:00 one of the doctors in the house and not gone. Cyril continued to torment severe headaches. All were able to help – the nurse gave him a painkilling injection.

The woman told about how, at 15.00 went out into the corridor, where he met the doctor.

– I stood and cried in front of him, begging to make his son an MRI, and he was there in the hallway looked at an extract from the sixth child and said, “he’s all right, my boys are like yours – 200 people a week.” He didn’t even went into the house, not examined the child. He prescribed treatment in the form of dropper. Us a whole day, put a dropper, and my son got even worse. About ten in the evening, when neurosurgeons have left home, the son became very ill. I cried out to the entire hospital. It turns out that the vessel that was one and a half millimeters, swelled to twelve. Called from the house neurosurgeon. They took him away from the house, already unconscious, had MRI and was urgently taken to surgery. The child fell into a coma. Two days later (March 22), without regaining consciousness, he died. Previously said my son was brain edema. If it was done on time MRI, this would not have happened, sure mother. They just killed a child – a woman crying.

Kirill was a perfectly healthy boy in sports. He was the oldest child in the family always was an example for 3-year-old brother.

After the death of the son of the indifferent doctor she had seen.

The family wrote a statement to the Prosecutor’s office of negligence of the doctor, now there is a trial.

Correspondents “evening Dnepr” have repeatedly asked the hospital for comment, but in information we still refused.

В больнице Днепра умер 12-летний мальчик

В больнице Днепра умер 12-летний мальчик