In the Internet appeared the song is a parody of the famous song from the cartoon “Pokemon” on bitcoin

В интернете появилась песня-пародия на известную песню из мультика "Покемон" о биткоине

Singer song famous cartoon “Pokemon” has released a new parody version of the song “bitkon. And it will not disappoint.

Just when you thought this month could be the best for bitcoin there is a new song-parody of Pokemon with a powerful message.

The melody is a parody of the song that sounds in the famous children’s cartoon appeared on Youtube earlier this week, at a time when the cryptocurrency space come alive, and the market is gaining momentum. A song wrote and sang the original melody singer, Jason Paige (Jason Paige), which I can only assume, is a devotee of the bitcoin maximalist, judging by the elaborate lyrical parody.

Despite the parody, the song amazingly manages to include almost all the corners of bitcoin, including mining, electronic payments and decentralization.

I want to pay the best. The fact that no one ever had. My test is our real test. To use them is our business. Bitcoin will travel across the land. And all decentralized. Just use bitcoin to understand it. The power inside.

He calls bitcoin our destiny, not just a currency, and remembers her global and peer-to-peer nature. There is even a reference to the “unreliable” nature of the bitcoin network – “the Network that believe. The blockchain will save us. “

Some phrases in the text of the page indicate the impact of bitcoin on banks and financial bodies.

Banks are afraid because it is spreading everywhere. The blockchain can replace each of the average person. It’s more than just the dollar, which cryptocurrency will replace (to rhyme with “cyberspace”). The rule of consensus. Central banks – for fools.

In the fed’s annoyed because he can’t be destroyed.

The government will try to stop what cannot be undone. Crypto coins are here to stay. The future has begun.

Think of a child brought up on the pokemon, which now feels completely disenfranchised, because adult life is not all about saving the virtual creatures in other eggs with which to fight. With this new parody, Paige made a sound bitcoin as an attractive alternative; saving virtual money in hardware wallets to combat the tyranny of the financial system.

Although the video received only a little more than 5000 views (at the time of writing), the response from the crypto community was very positive.

I have never been interested in bitcoin. But this is the moment when I’m interested in it, it’s suuuper. You’ve done well.

Okay, thanks Jason Paige I invest in bitcoin!