In the Internet appeared the video with the snarling and rushing forward to rare racing cars

В сети появилось видео с рычащими и несущимися вперед раритетными гоночными автомобилями

On the street race lovers another little holiday: Youtube channel of Cars and Engines has released a fresh selection of movies with a snarling, fire-belching, smoky and irresistibly borne along, despite the age, rare racing cars.

This is the third such movie – all these are cars from the distant past, but they filmed in our days and are in excellent condition.

Some impressive instances of Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, FIAT from the 1920-30 period, and then a Maserati 250F Formula 1 from the early 1950s, and the Watson Roadster to race the Indy 500, built in 1960…

Just five minutes of time, and before the eyes fly the entire era… highly Recommend to watch with a good sound.

Footage from each of the machines comes with a detailed text description in English.