In the Kharkiv region decided to rename the city

В Харьковской области задумали переименовать город

Decommunization reached the city of Krasnograd. Local people initiated the change of name. This is because the region was named after the red banner of Labor. This information was published on Facebook page “Decommunization. Ukraine”.

“On March 26, 1923 Poltava provincial Executive Committee confirmed the decision in December, 1922, Konstantinograd County Executive Committee of a resolution renaming as a sign of awarding order of the red banner of the USSR, the city and County in the region. In 1923-1932 he, along with the name of the region also used the Ukrainian version of Chervonohrad”, – stated in the message.

The treatment of this information was sent to the Ukrainian Institute of national memory with the request to initiate the process of renaming the city of Krasnograd according to the law on decommunization. Also sent an appeal to the State archives to obtain official documents about the renaming of the city Konstantinograd in Krasnohrad.

As soon as the paper formalities can be completed, it is planned to hold a public hearing in the city of Krasnograd on the issue to rename it.