In the Kherson agricultural University kicks off project to grow black truffles

В Херсонском агроуниверситете стартует проект по выращиванию черного трюфеля

Kherson state agrarian University in the spring launches a project for cultivation of black truffle. About this Internet edition of “agro-Yug” said the University’s rector Yuri Kirilov.

So, a biotechnology faculty of KSAU on the basis of the laboratory of mushroom cultivation is launching a unique project to grow expensive mushrooms – black truffles.

“We have the mycelium of black truffle, which is implanted into the root system of oak. And we also have the Park “Oak grove”. I just want spring to be engaged in this process of implanting. And in five years we eat already expensive mushroom”, – said Kirilov.

In addition, the University is launching two projects – a research apiary and a mini quail farm. The creation of these training projects is the needs of the University to have its own base for training students.

“It’s all good – relevant education, we are signing these MOUs, our students go to the enterprises, the same poultry farm. That is, we work with them, but it’s still not the same. This far, this time, it’s expensive, etc. and I have now set the task of each faculty should be in step availability a production base. That is, mini-trade, mini-enterprise for the profession. That is, in fact, this line and move”, – said the rector of KSAU.

The task of the quail farm is to study the influence of different feed on the growth and quality of poultry meat.

“We plan that this will be a 6 cells for 15 quails, that is, 90 heads of quails. Now we come to feed producers, and these separate groups will feed 3 different manufacturers and different feed. At the end, after 2-3 months, of course, will be made measurements: some gains, biochemical analysis of the meat. In this sense, this mini quail farm is not just farm, and there will be laid such that the experience – the influence of feed from different manufacturers on growth, the intensity, the quality of quail meat. This is not what we do it for commercial implementation,” said Kirilov.

The University also plans to open a training course for specialists on cultivation of mussels and oysters in the framework of the specialty “Water bioresources and aquaculture”.

“The Ministry of education allows the Department to accredit and the decision of the academic Council to make separate educational programs. For example, if you take the specialty of the economy, and inside there are separate areas: the economy Bank, poultry farms, companies, sea, etc, in the framework of the specialty “Water bioresources and aquaculture” we want to open the direction in Hydrobiology. But first it is important to understand the demand, because the student group masters less than 10-12 people unprofitable. So now, among bachelors, we do a survey, questionnaire. And if we do not reach, will not this group. But I hope that we will succeed”, – said Yuri Kirilov.