In the Kherson region business raiding Crimean Tatar who supported the Russian spring

В Херсонской области громят бизнес крымского татарина, поддержавшего Русскую весну

In the Kherson region fighters of a battalion medeliausko “Asker” under the guise of security forces looted businesses Satomura Nigmatullaev, which in 2014 was supported by the Russian spring in the hope that the historical land of Taurida governorate, along with the Crimea will soon be reunited with Russia.

About this in his blog said the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Alexey Zhuravko, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

According Zhuravko, the security forces of SBU carried out searches at relatives Nematulloev in Genichesk and Chongar, and before that his company CHAP “Chongar” was surrounded by fighters controlled by medeliausko the businessman Lenur islyamov “Asker”, which, according to Zhuravko, operated under the auspices of the presidential administration of Ukraine”.

“Those bastards stole TVs, sofas, computers, even metal safes povylazili.

But they acted purely criminal way, as the raiders scammers… Power and Islyamova is a full-scale terror family Nematulloev.

Additionally, I learned that either disappeared 400 head of sheep, which are allowed under the knife. Agricultural gang Islyamova taken away in an unknown direction. And they are: TRUCKS, tractors, seeders and other equipment. Also was an American agricultural equipment for spraying crops, based on tractors, which also disappeared in an unknown direction.

Workshop for repair of agricultural equipment was stolen machines, hoists, tools. Even managed povyryvat with “roots” lathes.

Also was robbed the warehouse with spare parts for agricultural machinery. And all this has created a gang of “Asker” undercover law enforcement,” wrote Zhuravko.