In the Kherson region check the information about the teacher, student dunks in the toilet

На Херсонщине проверяют информацию об учителе, макавшем школьника в унитаз

Gym teacher tried to dip a sixth grader in the toilet, then hit him on the head. It all happened outside of school hours, said the mother of the student.

The police of the Kherson region checks on the mother’s statement of the student about the inappropriate behavior of physical education teacher in a school in Nova Kakhovka. On Thursday, April 18, according to local newspaper the daily Kherson with reference to the head of the regional Department of justice Konstantin Chodovskeho.

According to the latter, the “hot line” the regional headquarters of the anti bullying asked the mother of a sixth-grader Dnipryansky school (a suburb of Nova Kakhovka) and said that over her son was bullied by a gym teacher.

“We live in the village Korsunka. So after school my baby for another hour waiting for the bus. On Friday, April 12, my son after school was in school. At the same time around him began to jostle with several other students. My son opened a bottle of water, pushed him, and he spilled water on one of the guys. At this time my son approached a teacher and asked why he poured water. Without waiting for an explanation, the teacher hit my son on the head and saying “and now you wet” pulled my baby in the toilet. After them ran the guys. In the dressing room, the gym teacher tried to dunk my son in the toilet, the child rested. After several attempts, the teacher hit the child with a fist in the stomach,” she said.

The child told of the incident immediately. However, the mother noticed his unusual behavior and made to he told her.

Interview with the Director of the school gave nothing: she replied only that “the child is not responding well to lessons and friends with the guys that have bad behavior”.

As a result, the woman wrote a statement to the Nova Kakhovka police Department. Physical education teacher continues to teach, including in the class of her son.

The chief of regional management of justice, in turn, notes that took the appeal under personal control.