In the Kherson region has grown in the rice fields portrait of Shevchenko

На Херсонщине вырастили на рисовом поле портрет Шевченко

Farmers Skadovsk district of Kherson region has created a portrait of Taras Shevchenko in the rice fields. The length of reaches 34 meters width – 40 meters.

The organizers of the project claim that the picture is visible even from space, writes

The layout of the first images created on the computer, and then sowed it himself. The main cause for concern of the creators was a poor seed germination.

Feature picture – black leaves of grasses. This hybrid was invented in the rice Institute Antonovka. In fact, the leaves are not black, dark blue pigment. In turn, the crop remains white.

It is noted that the large portrait of Shevchenko appeared in the National registry of records of Ukraine.

To see a portrait can girl once until September, when the harvest of rice was collected.

The draft next year is already developed, but kept secret. In past years, the field was adorned with the Ukrainian Trident.