In the Kherson region minor a student gave birth in the bathroom and put it in a package from the store

На Херсонщине несовершеннолетняя студентка родила ребенка в ванной и положила его в пакет из магазина

In the town of aleshki, Kherson region 17-year-old student killed his newborn daughter. The journalists “FR s” reported in Department of communications of police of the Kherson region.

In particular, as reported, early on the morning of 30 January, the assistant Aleshkovsky regional hospital told police that the establishment is the girl with the bleeding characteristic just given birth. The very patient claimed that had the abortion in the toilet at the 16th week of pregnancy.

Investigative team, who arrived in the hostel, where she was a student, found in the closet the package with the still alive baby. It was a baby girl weighing 3500 grams. The child was immediately taken to the intensive care unit, but to save him failed.

The clipboard lady of the hostel said that about pregnancy of the student no one knew. The evening of 29 January, she complained of a pain in the back and the clipboard lady gave her painkillers. But at night the girl it became bad and to it caused “fast”.

The baby’s body sent for forensic examination to establish the cause of death. 17-year-old mother is accused of murder, she faces a penalty of restriction of liberty for a term up to five years or imprisonment for the same term.

According to the “Typical Kherson”, invalid mother lives in the village of Bilozerka district, Kherson region. Parents about the pregnancy did not. Who is the father of the child, while also unknown.

The girl gave birth in the night of January 30 in a Dorm room down the street Industrial. The physicians who have arrived on a call of a Concierge, found her in a bloody tub. She explained that she is now in the 16th week of pregnancy and she miscarried. And the fruit of it washed into the sewer, as frightened.

At the hospital doctors under pressure 17-year-old student admitted that he gave birth to a live girl bound in a shopping bag and hid in a closet, where she found police.

As reported by “DF a”, in September 2018, the mother Packed the baby’s body in a bag and threw it in one of Kyiv’s sleeping bags.

1 March 2019 in Darnytskyi district of Kiev, was found a corpse of the newborn girl.

In June in the Odessa region a grief-mother threw her newborn baby in a cesspool.

In October, 2019 in Bila Tserkva 20-year-old girl was thrown from the window of the apartment my newborn. Giving birth was the 20-year-old young woman. Police officers, she explained that birth she had the day before. Being in a state caused by childbirth, the mother threw her newborn baby out the window of the apartment.