In the Kherson region on the route of the military lost a mortar mine

На Херсонщине на трассе военные потеряли минометную мину

Thrifty residents of Kherson region often take home live ammunition, guns and even grenades, which the police now withdraws almost every day.

However, all records for this part broke the 56-year-old resident of the village of Nyzhni Torhai that in Nyzhni sirogozy district. For some unknown reason, he stocked up on… mine for the heavy mortar!

Avoiding the vicinity of the highway Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk in search of junk metal for delivery in Lom, he stumbled on a mine caliber 122 modern sample without fuse (in all likelihood, she in the carriage fell out of a military truck). And not think of anything smarter than to bring her home.

Finding the villagers hid in the barn, where were kept two months. But still boasted an unexpected extraction of drinking buddies. From them stories about what a neighbor has a mine, blew through the countrymen.

The fact that the neighborhood did not like – some of them “surrendered” to the police. Militiamen arrived in Nyzhni Torhai with the authorized search. Mine collector of scrap they seized “under the Protocol”.

In the Department of communication of the Main Directorate of the National police was Personsindividual that the finding was sent to the explosive-examination. If experts confirm that the mine is a danger, the villagers will stand trial for illegal possession of ammunition.