In the lab recreated the famous “wave-murderer”

В лаборатории воссоздали знаменитую "волну-убийцу"

In the UK the scientists from Oxford and Edinburgh universities have tried to recreate in the laboratory the so-called “wave-murderer”. During the experiment they wanted to show how there are similar waves. This writes

According to experts, waves occur due to the mechanism of superposition. As an example, took the first wave-the murderer, fixed gauges on an oil platform in the North sea and received the name “wave Draupner”.

Scientists successfully managed to simulate such a wave due to the superposition of two smaller waves.

It turned out that for the emergence of huge waves, the angle between the smaller waves should be about 120 degrees.

In the experiment managed to achieve the same wave that was captured on a Japanese engraving of the 19th century called the Great wave in Kanagawa.