In the leaked new details of the murder of 11-year-old Dasha near Odessa

В Сеть просочились новые подробности убийства 11-летней Даши под Одессой

Became known new details of the terrible murder of 11-year-old Dasha Lukyanenko. About them, writes TSN, reports the Apostrophe.

So, the police reproduced the route of the child in seconds. 14:20 – Darya comes from the market. To school her for about 15 minutes – it is a kilometer hundred meters. But exactly 141 meters, 14:23 she comes to the house Tarasov. On the way, sat down on the bench, because I talked to a friend video link. Suddenly the connection was lost, and the whole neighborhood heard the bloodcurdling screams of the girls.

It is known that the scream was heard five of his neighbours at 14:25. It was four women and one man.

“Such hysterical scream, which it was impossible not to pay attention to it. It is a cry of fear here really is that, Oh my God. Well, the dogs barking and this Creek. Walked home along the road I met nobody, I think, maybe someone somewhere in the alley. Well, there was nobody at all,” – said the publication of the neighbor Valentina Tarasov Root.

And the man who heard the cry, even resorted to the scene of the incident, but saw no one.

“Well, what, minute and a half, not more – while I flew from the gate here, a fence there, everything – and then faster and I immediately through the yard. Well, in the alley where the scream was. I reach the road there’s no one there I already stopped, and began carefully to watch the bushes checked out, checked out the abandoned house. Look – there in that hut neither Bush did anything”, – said Anatoly Zaborac.

The man reached the place of disappearance Dashi. But he never came knocking at the gate of a neighbor.

The criminal noticed Dasha in the market. From the Bazaar he ran for 9 minutes before the child. I went to his yard and stopped at the gate. He stood and waited for the girl. He knew that the girl will be here. He knew that the shop close to – a favorite place for local kids. And he waited. Eleven-year-old to grab the baby and get home – just for a moment. But Dasha had to shout.

“Section baby, tried to rape her. After the resistance, he with his own hands strangled her”, – said the head of GUNP in Odessa region Oleh Bech.

However, the girl died not from strangulation, and from blood loss. The monster stabbed her in the carotid artery. After that, the head wearing a pack, secured the neck with tape, they also tied his feet, tied the stones and dumped the body in a cesspool.

Investigators tell us that the killer skillfully cleaned out all visible traces sketched on top of the bricks, the girl’s clothes were burned, their – washed.

In my room monster abused the child. But everything is flooded and wiped off with cleaners. Now his only escape from a lifetime of prison – a mental illness.

“We believe that he is absolutely sane, he is very tactically covering their tracks. That is a mentally ill person would not do. We were embarrassed that he has a different readings replaced was a psychologist, and a polygraph”, – said Bech.