In the list of “public Servants” have found a citizen of Russia – media (VIDEO)

В списках "Слуги народа" нашли гражданина России - СМИ (ВИДЕО)

99 number in the list of the party “servant of the people” is the candidate for people’s deputies with a Russian passport Mikhail Sokolov. About it reports activist Sergey Sternenko in his video message, reports inforesist.

“If you try to find information about him on the Internet, then Google will show you many statements. It is known that he was born may 23, 1976 in St. Petersburg, was a leading specialist of Department of regional policy of the Russian oil company YUKOS in 2004 he moved to Ukraine. At first glance, nothing special. Well the person was born in the Soviet Union, then moved to Ukraine, working, wants to become an MP. But, from my own sources I managed to get a very interesting image, which can be considered the official document of the Russian Federation concerning citizenship Sokolova, Mikhail Yurevich, who was born on may 23 in Leningrad. The same information that we saw online,” says the activist.

According to the document, the falcons received the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in 2001.

“It’s okay, it was before the war and even before his move to Ukraine. But, the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, according to these documents he had received in 2016. That is, when for two years was a Russian-Ukrainian war,” says Sternenko.

The activist checked his data on the website of the tax and confirmed the information about Sokolov, he’s a citizen of the Russian Federation.

In 2008 Sokolov wrote an article in which he supported the Russian aggression in Georgia.

Note that on the website “public Servants” Sokolov biography is missing.

On the website “Ukrainian Agrarian Happy” specified that Sokolov is Deputy head of the organization. The purpose of this organization is sustainable development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine.

В списках "Слуги народа" нашли гражданина России - СМИ (ВИДЕО)