In the Lviv region detained the priest who was selling weapons

На Львовщине задержали священника, который торговал оружием

In the Lviv region detained 48-the summer man who bought a launch and stun guns, redo them in combat and was looking for customers for sale.

The criminal activity of priest exposed and documented by field investigators of management of strategic investigations in Lviv region.

Militiamen established that the man in his own house organized Armory. Bought over the Internet starting, stun guns and models of other weapons that were altered in combat. He also produced ammunition for these guns. Further found buyers and mailed them weapons.

48-the summer local resident has previously been brought to trial in December 2018, he was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon. According to the verdict of Shevchenko district court of Lviv, husband convicted of criminal offences and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

However, on the basis of article 75 of the Criminal code of Ukraine are exempted from punishment serving with a trial period if it is within two years does not commit a new crime and will execute the duties assigned to it. Therefore, in order not to get into the field of view of the police, when buying guns and sending by post of goods the man used a fictitious personal data.

Police documented some facts of sale of weapons. It withdrew and directed on expert research, the results of which the seized pistols are a firearm suitable for firing.

Today, July 8, carried out the authorized searches on the territory of Lviv, Cherkassy and Kiev regions, in particular, the place of residence of the attacker, and the buyers of weapons.

Now seized 8 pistols, a shotgun, 15 stores, 6 mufflers, 165 bullets, stun grenades and other items of weapons. The searches continue.

The issue of the arrest of 48-year-old resident and election to it measures of restraint – detention. For their actions the malefactor is threatened by punishment is deprivation of liberty for a term of three to seven years.

На Львовщине задержали священника, который торговал оружием

На Львовщине задержали священника, который торговал оружием

На Львовщине задержали священника, который торговал оружием

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