In the Lviv region during the fire saved about 1000 pigs (VIDEO)

Во Львовской области во время пожара спасли порядка 1000 свиней (ВИДЕО)

April 15 at 12:35 came to the rescue the message on a fire in a. Filberts zhidachivskogo district, in a building with an area of 1680 sq. m, on the territory of private enterprise.

This IA “most-DNEPR” the press-service gschs of Ukraine.

“At the time of arrival of rescuers the fire spread to a large area. The main efforts of employees of gschs focused on saving animals and preventing the transfer of heat to neighboring buildings. The fire was accompanied by intense evolution of combustion products. To eliminate the fire had in devices of protection of respiratory organs consisting of 3 x units of gas and smoke protective service.

Rescuers have deduced from a burning building 1100 pigs.

The fire was localized at 13:55, eliminated at 14:30. The fire destroyed the roof and 500 pigs. To eliminate the fire attracted 26 rescuers and 8 units of special equipment”, – stated in the message.

The reason of emergence of ignition is established.