In the Lviv region previously convicted broke his leg judge

Во Львовской области ранее судимый сломал ногу судье

At the head of the regional court in Lviv oblast was attacked by a man, whose case was earlier considered by the judge.

Previously convicted with his friends beat him and broke his leg acting head of Kamenka-bug district court of Lviv region Markiyan the Samsin. This is stated in the press center of the judiciary.

On January 30 the Supreme Council of justice received a report, the acting Chairman of Kamenka-bug district court of Lviv region of Samsin, in which he reports that on January 27, 2019 approached by men, one of whom was repeatedly convicted of Kamenka-bug district court.

“One of them spoke to the judge: “You’re blood is not spit”.After that, according to the judge, the men attacked the referee, causing injury and fracture of the left leg,” – said in the message.

On the scene came the police, but the offenders were not detained. After that, the judge was taken to hospital, where he received help.

Samsin notes that on January 28, he appealed to the duty of the local police Department with a written statement of the Commission in relation to him a criminal offense.

Specified criminal proceedings were brought in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations and initiated pre-trial investigation.