In the Marshall Islands in the city, the fishermen instead of fish “nailed” a big coke – 24 Channel

На Маршаллових островах у сіті рибалки замість риби "прибилась" велика партія кокаїну - 24 Канал

To the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific ocean arrived 48 kilograms of cocaine.

“Catch”, who pulled fishing marine networks, estimated at $ 4 million, says Radio New Zealand.

To comply with all procedures, local law enforcement officers from the Department of narcotics have turned to American colleagues to confirm that the contents carefully wrapped packages of white powder is indeed cocaine. After all, the Islands corresponding to the lab there.

Police say that the “floating cocaine” on the Kwajalein Atoll is not uncommon.

By the way, November 15, in a number of Ukrainian mass media appeared information that Gosleksluzhba Ukraine issued the first license for the import of products from marijuana. However, this turned out to be fake. In the comments of the 24 channels in the Republic denied the validity of the issuance of such license.

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