In the middle of the street in Canada as a result of firing 4 people died

Посеред вулиці: в Канаді внаслідок стрілянини загинули 4 особи


Among the victims were two policemen

Four people were killed in a shooting in the East of Canada, in Fredericton.

Among the victims were two policemen, informs “5 channel”.

The shooting occurred on the street. The man who opened fire – wounded and in serious condition.

The details of the incident, and who else among the dead, the government has not yet reported. A detailed briefing with explanations militiamen promise to give in the coming hours.

“I went to the window and saw that the street fire truck rides. I thought, maybe something happened, maybe a gas explosion. And then see everywhere attracts the police. Then I decided to sit on the floor away from the window, and then heard the shooting,” the witness said.

Over the last month is the second shooting victims in Canada. Unlike the United States, such incidents are not frequent here. But the population demands to toughen laws against carrying weapons.