In the milky way there may be billions of earth-like planets

В Млечном пути могут существовать миллиарды планет земного типа

According to British scientists, in the milky way may exist intelligent civilizations 36. According to the latest data, they can be much more. New studies say that in our galaxy there are at least 6 billion earth-like planets.

Previously it was thought that on every star G-type accounts for about 0.02 of earth-like planets. Now, based on the program of NASA’s search for new planets, researchers from the University of British Columbia found that for each star there are to 0.18 of potentially habitable planets. This discovery has allowed almost 10-fold increase in the estimated number of Earth-like celestial bodies in the milky way.

According to scientists, for the existence of life is necessary to create certain conditions – like the earth. So, it could be ocean worlds orbiting stars. Or a rocky planet with a significant amount of water. Such a world must be in the habitable zone, the temperature was not too hot or too cold. This will allow water to remain in the liquid state. Previously it was assumed that finding such planets is difficult, but thanks to new methods of investigation, their number can be up to 6 billion.

The astronomers also clarified that the life may not necessarily be in known human condition, which further increases the chances of finding organic forms outside of our planet.

В Млечном пути могут существовать миллиарды планет земного типа