In the mine, where the tenth day of the miners strike, there was a collapse – 24 Channel

У шахті, де десяту добу страйкують гірники, трапився обвал - 24 Канал

The collapse occurred at the mine named Kapustin that in the Luhansk region, where as of 28 October 10, the day the ongoing strike of 16 miners located at a depth of 600 meters under the ground. The protesters demand the arrears in the payment of salaries, which has not been seen for four months. The miners also want the resignation of the head of “lisichanskugol”, who is accused of enterprise finishing to bankruptcy.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets on his page in Facebook.

According to him, failed 10 linear feet of mine workings where, in fact, there are 16 protesters and the people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin.

Fortunately, the miners have two emergency exits leading to the surface.

If you do not take the necessary measures to repay the debt to the miners, JSC “lisichanskugol” and miners of other unions, the protests Monday will rapidly spread to other mines and enterprises,
– said Wolyniec.

A representative of the Ombudsman in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Pavel Lisyansky also Facebook said that the part in the underground strike taking 15 miners and MP. By the way, earlier was talking about the fact that he refused to rise to the surface 33 miners, but later part of them was forced to end the strike because of deteriorating health.

“Human rights organizations in the region are preparing an appeal to International organizations and the government of Ukraine,” said Lisyansky.

Meanwhile, the same Caplin published the message that the strikers “had a staff meeting at a depth of 575 meters” and decided: 29 October “will stop all four of mine Lisichansk”.

To achieve repayment of debts, dismissal and punishment of the leadership of “Lisichanskugol”, unanimously decided: we will block all roads of Lisichansk, stop on route Kharkov and Kiev, call fellow miners from Western Ukraine to block the message with Europe. In the case of non-compliance – collect miners, teachers, doctors, children of war, pensioners, and are going to Kiev,
– Caplin said.

By the way, the company “lisichanskugol” owe miners about 170 million.

We will remind, in August of 2018 were on strike the miners of the coal-mining enterprises of Donetsk and Lviv-Volyn basins, which for a long time did not receive promised wages and was ready to go to Kiev. Experts called the situation in the mining regions of the country is extremely tense.

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