In the Museum of. Bleshunov students will talk about the history of Odessa

В музее им. Блещунова школьникам будут рассказывать об истории Одессы

In the Museum of private collections them. A. V. bleshunov started a unique educational project “I am from Odessa – patriot of Ukraine” for students.

Authoritative teachers, lecturers from history, historians, candidates and doctors of science in accessible language tell children and teenagers about the historical facts?? the events that most influenced the modern state of Odessa and became an important part of its history.

The result of such an experiment in space already staged five lectures and even created videos. This movie will soon appear on the official pages of the Museum project “Apartment No. 6” school resources and on the municipality’s website.

A long-term project designed to further the interest of the young audience to an important theme, emphasized in the Museum.