In the Netherlands, has dramatically increased the number of opponents of Smoking

В Нидерландах резко возросло количество противников курения

Residents of the Netherlands who support the ban of Smoking in public places was 3 times higher than 10 years ago.

So, for the completely non-Smoking outdoor cafe and terrace serves more than 50% of Dutch speakers (10 years ago there were only 16%). 87% believe Smoking should be banned in children’s playgrounds (10 years ago agreed with it less than 30% of the population of the Netherlands). These are the results of a survey of Dutch anti-Smoking Association Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij.

More Dutch began to support the prohibition of sale of cigarettes from open display cases and 70% against 57% a decade ago. According to the British study, such a ban has proven its effectiveness in the UK.

Overall, 70% of inhabitants of the Netherlands believe that it is necessary to ban Smoking in public places, especially if there are children, said evropul’s.

According to the Association of European leagues on the fight against cancer over the past 3 years throughout Europe there is a new anti-Smoking laws. However, tobacco remains a serious problem: caused by Smoking lung cancer in Europe carries more than 270 thousand lives annually.