In the Netherlands the doctor had switched the sperm, becoming the father of 49 children

В Нидерландах врач подменял сперму, став отцом 49 детей

Carboat also admitted that they mixed sperm from different donors and were given fake donor records.

The owner of the clinic for artificial insemination in the Netherlands used their own sperm and was the biological father of 49 children, as confirmed by the data of genetic examination. Ian Kurbat died in 2017 at the age of 89, according to Euronews.

The clinic is operated in Barendrecht and was closed in 2009 due to administrative and financial violations.

Attorney Tim Butters says: “Today, 49 people with precision he learned about his genetic relationship”.

According to the investigation, Yang Carboat several decades saved on the biomaterial, using the law of the anonymity of the donors. The police began the investigation after a resident of the Hague was suspected Karbate in fatherhood.

Earlier it was reported that the woman found out about 47 datagarage after eight years of marriage.