In the network appeared the characteristics of the new flagship graphics card AMD Radeon RX

After rumors that AMD is preparing to release a flagship line of Radeon RX, the network appeared the specification of one of the future updates. A new leak has revealed the key specifications of the older model of the future product line architecture Navi.


According to the statement of the informant network CyberPunkCat card will get 80 computing and 320 texture units, 5120 stream processors, and its key feature will be a significant amount of graphics memory – 24 GB (HBM2e) with 4096-bit bus and bandwidth support up to 2 TB/s, reports Wccftech.

В сети появились характеристики новой флагманской видеокарты AMD Radeon RX

В сети появились характеристики новой флагманской видеокарты AMD Radeon RX

Features of AMD Radeon RX

The insider refers to the unnamed sources in the company SK Hynix in the development of memory modules for computer accessories.

However, in a fresh press release from SK Hynix said that it has no relation to the published specifications of the new AMD graphics core. The company also called for an end to the spread of false news.

We can assure you that SK Hynix to take all necessary action against such media
– said representatives of the company.

What else do you know about graphics cards

Earlier, the head of AMD Lisa su already reported by the media that the company is preparing to introduce in 2020 flagship solution architecture RDNA the next generation.

The published photo you also specify the code model number – D32310/15. With a similar name unnamed AMD had previously mentioned in the database of one of the regulators, as in the benchmark OpenVR unknown “red” GPU was 17% faster than the flagship NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Date of the announcement, price and commercial name of the flagship AMD is unknown.

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