In the network appeared the photo, which disables Android smartphones

В сети появилось фото, которое выводит из строя Android-смартфоны

At the end of may, the Internet appeared a very beautiful photo of the lake at sunset sky background. And all anything, if this photo is not took down the Android smartphones, where users began to complain about the problem.

As it turned out, the author of this picture did not even know about this problem. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing the BBC.

Social network Twitter has reported that this photo when you install as a screen saver displays the Android smartphone down. The post gained hundreds of retweets and comments, where users complained of the same problem. As it turned out, affected the smartphones of different companies, including Samsung and Google Pixel Android 10. The bug led to the fact that the smartphone was first started flashing screen, and then begins to endlessly reboot. To restore the smartphone could only roll back to factory settings. After the photo went viral, the author decided to contact the reporters and said that had no idea about this problem.

@UniverseIce This is an android issue sadly is also affecting google pixels as well

– Sebastian (@seb3153) May 31, 2020

The author of the picture was a resident of San Diego, an Amateur photographer Gaurav Agrawal. He photographed a sunset sky National Park in Montana in August 2019 on my Nikon when vacationing there with his wife. He then processed the photo in Lightroom, and the editor was published in his account on Flickr, which signed about 10,000 users. And then long forgotten about it. However, users downloaded a photo and set it on the Desk. According to experts who have analyzed the photos at the request of the air force, the cause of the problem was that processing in Lightroom. The service provides three options for the color mode to export the final result and Agrawal chose the one that confounds some Android phones. The image is not in the standard RGB format so the color management system of the mobile OS is unable to properly display it, causing and an error occurs. The photographer admits that had no idea about the problem: “I didn’t know that the format is doing. I have an iPhone and Wallpaper is always a picture of my wife. I was hoping my picture savereide for good reason, but apparently not this time.” The author also stated that it will no longer use this formatting in Lightroom.