In the Network appeared the sad correspondence of residents of Donetsk: “climbing walls”

В Сети появилась печальная переписка жителей Донецка: "На стены лезут"

Entrepreneurs of Donbas suffer with poor clients

January in Donetsk are not explicitly mentioned. Businessmen and sellers noted a very low revenue at the end of the month. Such a problem they shared in the city group “Vkontakte”.

One of the entrepreneurs turned to colleagues in community discussions. He asked, in Donetsk there is a trade. And also admitted that his institution, the situation is very deplorable.

In the comments people gave impressions of their friends from this area. As it turned out, the sellers are sad around Donetsk. “And there is no initiative to leave,” wrote Jeanne annushkina. Her words confirmed by Alexander Petrov. Her friend “on the wall”. According to her, instead of profit, many enterprises from the trading sector go into a big minus.

People in the know said that the situation with revenue is very typical for December. Perhaps the residents of Donetsk spent all their savings before the New year in December. And during the January holidays. Besides, at the end of the month the state had paid “a penny” of the salary.

Alexander Lugovoi told another reason. According to him, until recently, have not seen the money and the factory workers. Only recently, the government transferred funds to the account of state enterprises. Currently, the townspeople are waiting for the first wages under the doors of the banks.

If people have money in shops, only in exchange for the necessary products. Local residents shared how the residents of Donbass survive in the winter. According to commentators, many are trying to save money and purchase the minimum. At the same time, people are eating harvested from the summer of preserves, pickles and vegetables. In the first place – the fries.

One user warned that low revenue will continue in February. Rather, entrepreneurs of Donetsk not see a good return until the spring.

To improve the financial situation, the most enterprising residents of the city tried to sell real locomotive “TGM”. This ad appeared on one of the sites sales.

The sellers are chosen for their considerable product value – 50 thousand dollars. About this blogger blogger Fascists Donetsk said, hinting at the origin. Probably the locomotive, not only was formerly public property, but in and of itself is a very strange trade.

В Сети появилась печальная переписка жителей Донецка: "На стены лезут"

В Сети появилась печальная переписка жителей Донецка: "На стены лезут"