In the network represented the most expensive SUV in the world (VIDEO)

В сети представлен самый дорогой внедорожник в мире (ВИДЕО)

When did You first hear about King Karlmann, then get ready to spend five minutes with the car, which is now called the most expensive SUV in the world.

New video with Bacroft Cars channel on YouTube describes in detail some features of the King and introduces from designer Luciano D’ambrosio. The artist explains that the inspiration for the appearance of a giant SUV comes from the Batmobile, which is shown in the trilogy “the Dark knight”. It is the language of design, which he describes as “design diamond”.

“Instead of trying to find the perfect combination of surfaces, we tried to create a rift surfaces. It needs to be more dominant, but at the same time not so aggressive. This brand is unique”, – he said in an interview.

The design is definitely pretty unique, but under the skin is a very common technology. Namely, King based on the Ford F-550 with a power of 420 HP provided by a 6.8-liter V10 engine. In previous reports it was claimed that the maximum speed of the SUV is just 140 kilometers per hour due to its weight exceeding 5 896 kg, but in a new video D’ambrosio says it can reach 220 km/h.

“Given the size of machine you can imagine that you are driving an elephant. But, actually, he’s very flexible and good management,” explains the designer.

To justify his title of most expensive SUV on the planet, the King is said to start at 1,085 million dollars for the “basic” version.