In the new Parliament are women more effective than men – SUPPORT

В новом парламенте женщины эффективнее мужчин - ОПОРА

For all the time of the Parliament of the ninth convocation of the national women MPs registered a bill 1464, of which 152 were accepted.

Deputatka ahead of people’s deputies and the number of registered bills, and the amount received, if we compare the average efficiency of their law-making power to one person. In the Verkhovna Rada of IX convocation included 87 women and 336 men.

They analyzed the number of bills in the group of authors which includes women. And how many of these bills were successful, i.e. adopted by the Parliament before 6 March 2020.

So, in the Parliament registered the bill 1464 with the authors of women, of which 152 were accepted. The authors of men the figure is 5102 and 413, respectively.

“If you count the average number of legislative acts for one person, it turns out that the choice of indicator was bills is 16.8%, of which 10.4 percent were accepted,” writes ROCK.

But the MPs registered in an average of 15.2% of the bills at one, of which 8% were accepted.

In public network recall that, according to the new electoral legislation, the quantitative composition should be compared in the context of gender representation due to fixed gender quotas.

So, in part 12 of article 154 of the Electoral code States: “in the formation of national and regional electoral lists, the party must ensure the presence in each five (places first through fifth, sixth through tenth, etc) of each electoral list of men and women (not less than two candidates of each gender).”

В новом парламенте женщины эффективнее мужчин - ОПОРА

В новом парламенте женщины эффективнее мужчин - ОПОРА