In the Nikolaev area the father periodically raped 11-year-old daughter

В Николаевской области отец периодически насиловал 11-летнюю дочь

In the city of Voznesensk of the 40-year-old man systematically raping his teenage daughter.

This was announced on Wednesday, may 27, the press service of the Prosecutor of the Nikolaev area.

The investigators found that a pedophile lived with his 11-year-old daughter, whose mother died.

The girl has developmental delay and attends a special boarding school. The father also has health problems. However, the man took the daughter to the weekend.

The fact of violence against child became known when the girl told a school counselor. She said her dad is “drinking vodka” and hurting. Information passed to social services and the police.

The prosecutors said that now the criminal proceedings are opened under the article about the rape of a young child.

The court proved the guilt of the pedophile and has appointed punishment in the form of 13 years of imprisonment.