In the Nikolaev regional state administration has recommended not to pay for gas at higher standards

В Николаевской ОГА рекомендовали не платить за газ по повышенным нормам

Deputy Chairman of the Nikolaev Valentin gaydarzhi oblgosadministratsii recommended that the residents of the region do not have in their households meters of gas consumption, when you pay to exhibit normal 3.29 cubic meter of gas per person per month, as stated in the adopted resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.

However, he confirmed that the Ordinance has not yet entered into force.

– I know that at the Cabinet meeting the decision was made, but it has not yet been published, has not entered into force. I would recommend, given this declared the decision to pay according to the accepted but not yet published decisions. It is in my opinion, – said Valentin gaydarzhi.

– As soon as it is promulgated decree Kalimna, will come officially into force, all attempts of regional gas additional charge will disappear. Even if they will expose, in any case, citizens should pay in accordance with higher regulations. Internal regulations of the gas and its Central office cannot be higher than the resolution of the Cabinet. I know they now continue to credit additionally incomprehensible tariffs, including where there are metering devices. Residents have to pay purely from the readings, he added.

Earlier, the Cabinet has set a new standard in gas consumption for households without meters – to 3.29 cubic m instead of 9.8 cubic meters per month.