In the occupied Crimea mummers will catch violators of the quarantine

В оккупированном Крыму ряженые будут отлавливать нарушителей карантина

The so-called “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov decided to strengthen the security forces of the occupation regime costumed Cossacks and fighters. They, along with police and Regardie will identify violators of the regime of self-isolation.

This Sergei Aksyonov said at a meeting of the operational headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

At the meeting of the operational headquarters, he was instructed to increase the number of patrols, involving “the Cossacks and the people’s militia of Republic of Crimea”, reported in the media of the occupants of the Crimea.

According to the occupation of the Ministry of internal Affairs, patrolling the streets has been connected to private security companies.

As explained in the comments, “Reedus,” the chief of staff of the so-called “Crimean regional Cossack society (COCO)” Michael Kupenko, the service charged will be borne on a Pro Bono basis. Representatives of the “Cossacks” will not patrol the streets on their own, because they do not have such authority, he explained.

On Friday in Crimea had identified two new cases of coronavirus infection, therefore, Aksenov called for stricter modes of self-isolation and to introduce penalties for violators.