In the Odessa hospital patient tricked free operation

В одесской больнице пациента облапошили с бесплатной операцией

The patient in the Odessa city hospital No. 11 took 10 thousand UAH for transaction, the cost of which, as it turned out later, fully covers the national health service of Ukraine.

According to “Duma”, the patient is a tourist from another city. In the clinic she was as urgent to the patient, in an ambulance.

Five hours later she had surgery in gynecology. After that the girl asked to reimburse the cost of medical services. According to estimates of physicians, the surgery itself cost 8 thousand UAH, anesthesia – UAH 1000, the necessary tests – even 1000 UAH.

The friends of the patient, who remembered that the second phase of health reform involves the conduct of emergency operations by the state, decided to contact the hotline of NCSU. They confirmed that such operations are free, and advised to contact the management of the clinic.

After an appeal to the girl on the same day gave part of the money was spent 8 thousand UAH. Her friends are convinced that if they hadn’t filed a claim to NCSU, the money would be “settled in the pockets of doctors.”

There was also the information that the employee of the Department who took the money, fired. However, later the head physician of GKB No. 11 Nikolay Turchin said that the doctor dismissed, and organizational cost recovery and “the last warning”.