In the Odessa region and you can find 60 willing to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine “jackets” – not a problem

В Одесской области уверяют, что найти 60 желающий служить в ВСУ "пиджаков" - не проблема

In accordance with the order of the Minister of defence of Ukraine in June – July 2020 passes the conscription of reserve officers – the so-called “jackets”. In particular, this year the Odessa region are planning to recruit up to 60 people. I assure you it is not a problem, says armyinform.

– Now continue the work of the certification Commission on conscription of citizens of Ukraine for military service at the call of those officers for a period of 18 months. Their main task is to consider the motivation of each candidate, their personal qualities, delays, etc., – says the Chairman of a certifying Commission – the head of the mobilization Department of the Odessa regional territorial centre of manning and social support Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Rogov. – I can say – we have absolutely no problems with the execution of the target task.

For his part, the head of the group of reserve officers of AATCC and SP senior Lieutenant Alina Yatsenko said that among those wishing to become reserve officers in a military operation it is not only men but also women. To date, among the candidates for service at the call of those officers 23% are women.

Among reserve officers who come to the military, especially motivated are women. They are motivated and ambitious. The vast majority of them go into the army not just to comply with the terms of the appeal, they intend to bind their lives with military service, – said Alina Yatsenko.