In the Odessa region caught the bus with fighters of national guard

В Одесской области загорелся автобус с бойцами Нацгвардии

The incident with the bus happened in the center of Reni, while inside the vehicle there were more than ten soldiers of the National guard.

The stories of women who became the eyewitness of state of emergency, she was waiting for taxi at the bus stop, when he saw from under the hood of the bus was full of smoke.

Driver urgently landed all inside fighters. The bus burst into flames and the driver tried to put it out. However, the volume of the fire extinguisher was not enough to extinguish the flames failed.

The rescuers, whose part is a three minute drive, tried to help. But the size of the new fire truck as an obstacle on the narrow streets of a small town. And fire late. When I arrived, they have only to pay the skeleton of the bus.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered.