In The Outer Worlds will deliver branded humor Obsidian

В The Outer Worlds завезут фирменный юмор Obsidian

Game Informer within months of exclusive lighting The Outer Worlds got to one of the key features of the Obsidian Entertainment – corporate sense of humor. Employee edition interviewed on this subject on the main game authors Tim Kane (Tim Cain) and Leonard Boyarsky (Boyarsky Leonard), and we wrote the most important facts.

• Developers reasonable to say that an absolutely dismal game rarely interesting (as an exception to the mentioned series , Dark Souls). Although the history of The Outer Worlds and is fairly gloomy, there is always a place for humor.

• Comedy component promises to be varied – the authors decided to make a mix of black and silly humor.

• Jokes for there will be no jokes – humor is a good element of the game that helps to develop the characters and makes the world The Outer Worlds more holistic.

• The writers are trying to make the game multifaceted humor: some jokes can be interpreted differently, others will be based on references (reference in the direction of the previous games Obsidian in General and the Fallout in particular can not be avoided), and the third one can be traced only in the external elements of the environment.

• Do not expect abrupt transitions between Comedy and serious parts of the entertainment – humor evenly distributed throughout the game, so that after passing in the memories of players were not only depressing moments.

• If you splurge on a ride of intelligence of the main character, The Outer Worlds will be much more fun – your character will not be able to understand many things until the meaning of some words, and will pretend that he knows more than he really is.

• Silly character will not communicate some interjections, as it was in the original Fallout. The level of idiocy here is more realistic – it depends on the situation and context.

A specific release date The Outer Worlds still unknown, but the developers promise to release the game before the end of this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Yesterday we wrote about the gaming companion, as if looking at the game from the TV series “Firefly” – here is the news. A lot of other notes, you can find in our news.

В The Outer Worlds завезут фирменный юмор Obsidian