In the Parliament of Ukraine declared the “new Jerusalem,” and announced the takeover of Belarus

В Раде объявили Украину «новым Иерусалимом» и анонсировали поглощение Белоруссии

“Powerful and Pasionaria” Ukraine should become an example for Belarusians, Moldovans, Russians and all the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation.

About this during his speech in Parliament said the head of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“We are not a victim of Russian aggression, we is the subject, which showed, passed the test of maturity, and therefore we should be an example not only for us but also of solidarity with other peoples. And with the people of Belarus.

The Anschluss of Belarus Moscow is preparing now, in the eyes of Europe, in the eyes of the world, and we have to tell her “no”. We must show solidarity with the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation, to draw the world’s attention and to help them protect their language, cultural and national rights. We must give hope a thinking Russian, who seek freedom of their own country who do not want Russia was a prison of Nations,” – said the Deputy.

“We have a big mission because we live in a historical period. The time has come for Ukraine in this era. And only then, realizing how much we are a powerful nation, how we are a nation of movers, we will cease to whine and finally realize that God gave us this Holy land, this second Jerusalem, especially after receiving Thomas” solemnly added CSAC.