In the pockets of illegal filling station were annually settled billions: experts appreciated the efforts of the authorities to combat “shadow”businesses

В карманах нелегальных АЗС ежегодно оседали миллиарды: эксперты оценили усилия власти по борьбе с "теневиками"

The Cabinet late last year announced the war illegal filling station. Recently Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, and the SFS and the Office of the attorney General reported dismantled the pump, vowing not to stop there. asked the opinion of the experts of the fuel market for this reason.

So, according to Director of the SEC “Psyche” Sergey sapegina, the problem of shady gas stations for Ukraine – is not new, but such a decisive approach to its decision from the government as it is today, earlier it was not observed.

“This problem is not months and not years, but decades, and therefore, the power so powerful came from and tells of the achievements is to be welcomed.

Second, because systematically, over the last 25 years that I have been watching the market, I do not remember that the authorities worked to restore order with these gas stations,” – he said, noting that CMU should also pay attention to the problems of poor quality of fuel, as well as on the issues of state supervision in the market. “A lot of problems, I hope that these will also be taken,” said Sapegin.

With caution the government’s actions to combat the shadow of the gas station commented on the fuel market expert Sergiy Kuyun. His opinion was published on the personal page in Facebook. According to him the questionable checks filling stations really are, but they are focused only on those objects that are listed on the website

“If done cleverly, it does not only close the petrol station, but also to achieve the dismantling of the station, and that trials that do not happen quickly.

(…) it is considered that the main problem is a typical trashy, refueling, usually trading one or two types of fuel. But this is not true. A key problem is the trade of fuel by cash, without issuance of a check or a fake results of the fiscal document. This circulation of fuel for cash, it is tax loopholes, twisting, when the arrival of gasoline, and the output of bananas, etc. it gives the basic margin allows you to dump and thereby distorts the market. And the problem is much wider than the barrel under the fence,” noted the expert, emphasizing that its decision should be dealt with priority.

He reminded that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has announced a meeting of security officials on the issue of combating illegal filling stations on January 14.

“If there is a team, only there. Skepticism many do not share, they say, none of this matters to. But was able to close game stores! And every day, looking at closed shops and stripped signs “Cosmolite” I understand that the impossible is possible. And I have my markers on illegal gas stations, while in Kiev, and in the field, and in many regions. When you see them closed, will understand that something is changing here. I am sure that this program will be a great marker of the ability of this government team something to radically change,” he said Kuyun.

Expert Dmitry Marunich, in turn, noted that the illegal filling stations are depriving the country’s budget annually billion. Forecasts the performance of the CMU in the fight against illegal immigrants he is not in a hurry, but trusts the ability of the authorities to bring the case to the end.

“Damage to the state from operations of illegal filling stations is very large. Billions of hryvnia per year. The main issue is that those who sell the fuel “in the gray” – do not pay taxes.

I hope the initiated will be completed. Because the struggle with illegal immigrants, it lasts a very long time. Too early to say, but we believe that the closed gas station in two weeks is not open, and the new government did manage to curb them. And the conclusions we will make after about six months, how effective has this fight,” he said.

At the same time, Marunych noted that the government should also deal with fuel quality issues and the effective administration of the sale of petroleum products.

“This question has to tax, but it is no less important,” he concluded.

As reported, the police massively eliminate illegal filling stations across the country: the work of more than 600 such stations have been discontinued.

Earlier, the traders during a meeting with representatives of the government noted the problem of illegal ASZ in the country, adding that their dollars at the market of Ukraine has already reached about 25%.