In the Poltava region tree death crushed the man in his front yard

В Полтавской области дерево насмерть раздавило мужчину во дворе его дома

A man was injured in the Poltava region, in the village Tarandyntsi Lubny district during the sawdust of the trees. After some time, he died in the hospital. It is reported by the Directorate of civil protection of the Poltava regional state administration.

“23.02.2019 year Lubensky the hospital with a preliminary diagnosis: a field injury, closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion, multiple rib fractures, blunt abdominal trauma admitted a citizen F., 1966, resident of village Tarandyntsi Lubensky district, who later died in the resuscitation Department of the hospital”, – is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the dead man received fatal injuries, filing for your own backyard fruit tree, which subsequently fell on him.