In the presidential Administration and discussed the launch of the Higher anti-corruption court

В Администрации президента обсудил запуск работы Высшего антикоррупционного суда

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met with the President of the Supreme Court Valentina Danishevska and Chairman of the Higher anti-corruption court Helena Tarasevich. During the meeting it was about the beginning of the anti-corruption court, the press service of the presidential administration.

“I want to help the anti-corruption court to solve problems for the early work”, – stressed the head of state. During the meeting it was noted that effective anti-corruption bodies of Ukraine is a requirement of the companies.

The participants also discussed the state of readiness of the Higher anti-corruption court before the start of work on September 5, in particular problems with premises and jobs for judges.

The law of Ukraine “On Higher anti-corruption court” sets out clear requirements for location of companies. So, the courthouse are equipped with modern means to protect the personal safety of judges and the storage of documents. Also the appeals chamber of the Higher anti-corruption court and the judicial chamber of the Supreme court anti-corruption can not be accommodated in one building, in particular, together with other courts and their apparatus.

In 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated 2 buildings for the Higher anti-corruption court, which are now unusable and require repair. For the temporary accommodation of the Highest anti-corruption court and its Appellate chamber of the State court administration of Ukraine provided the Pechersky district court of Kyiv. However, this is inconsistent with the requirements of article 15 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher anti-corruption court.”

According to Elena Tarasevich, unresolved issue with the room can lead to failure of the beginning of work of the Highest anti-corruption court. At the same time, she reported that the WAX will take all necessary steps for the timely beginning of work of the court.

To solve the problem with the placement of the court on behalf of the President of Ukraine was found and developed specific proposals implementation of which will start soon. The President stressed the readiness to take all measures necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the anti-corruption court.