In the private sector of the Dnieper for heating use harmful materials

В частном секторе Днепра для отопления используют вредные материалы

In the private sector in the area of St. Mazeppa residents complain that it became hard to breathe because coming from the chimneys of the houses of black smoke. As it turned out, for heating it uses harmful materials. This was reported in the group “Our district” Kiev-Metallurgists-St. Ivan Mazepa” on Facebook t posted a photo.

-So looks like heating his kennel b/railway sleepers and old tyres on the dialogue, the owner is not, – stated in the message.

In reviews, users say that half my street is in terrible condition, impossible to breathe.

Also States that this address is not a house, and a shop.

The situation is similar on the street, this is the area of Metallurgists.

It is noted that in other locations, homes are heated with some muck, but only in the evening, so the neighbors did not find fault!

But the leaves burn it is impossible in the private sector. A small fire people whetted the penalty immediately!!! – complain residents. – Everything is allowed here!!! Kiev for a new ATB single flush broken black plastic boxes. Night.