In the Rada offer a paid “mini-decree” for dad

В Раде предлагают оплачиваемый "мини-декрет" для пап

In the Ukrainian Parliament registered the draft law “On introducing amendments to article 17 of the Law of Ukraine “On leave”. According to the document, men will be able to take a 10-day paid leave after the birth of a child.

As stated in the accompanying documents, the authors of the draft law, in particular, has made the following changes:

– after the words “in connection with pregnancy and childbirth” there are “and the birth of the child”;

– the bill got another part:

“In connection with the birth of a child, my father, who is married to the mother of the child, on the basis of the birth certificate granted paid leave of 10 calendar days”.

According to the authors, this will allow the father to carry out the first time after the birth of a child with the family, and will also help to care for a newborn. In addition, according to the parliamentarians, the father can easily adapt to the situation that arose after the birth of the child.

Such a step they explain the fact that Ukraine, according to the study of the international organization Save the Children is on 78 place among the world countries on level of maternal comfort. At the same time such leave men can legally get in Norway, Iceland, the UK and Portugal.

“Thus, the legislation of these countries contributes to both parents were with the child in the first months of his life. Given the above, there is a need at the legislative level to ensure the availability of men to receive ten days of paid leave in connection with birth of a child,” say the MPs.

The main objective of the document is “improving the tools of family policy to ensure availability of equal opportunities of care of the newborn child”.

It is also known that its authors were Oksana Bilozir, Victor Krivenko, Valery Sarajko, Ivan Knotweed, Leonid Yemets, Gennady Krivosheya, Vladimir Squarely, Vitali korchyk, Elena Ledovskikh, Oksana Yurynets, Igor Shurma, Paul Kerkar, Yuri Soloviev.

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В Раде предлагают оплачиваемый "мини-декрет" для пап