In the river, a huge snake crept into the yard of a house

В Днепре огромная змея заползла во двор жилого дома

Rescuers caught a four-foot reptile, to scare people.

The message that in the yard of apartment buildings, in the street of the 20th anniversary of Victory creeps big snake, came to the rescue on Monday, July 27, around 18:30. On a scene employees of gschs really found a 1.5-metre reptile.

To catch a snake rescuers had to use special tools, after which it was taken outside the city and released. Of the local residents no one was injured.

Specialists of the rescue service warning: when meeting with a snake in the city or in nature, try not to panic and, most importantly, don’t try to kill the reptile. They often become aggressive because they feel threatened. The optimal strategy with detection of the snake house or in the yard – immediately to call emergency services.

By the way, as noted by scientists studying snakes in the city to meet a poisonous snake – a rarity. However, if you are not lucky, and the snake still bites you, do not self-medicate! Try to immobilize the limb and immediately consult the doctors. The only thing recommended to do on the way to the hospital to treat the bite with antiseptic and apply a pressure bandage.

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В Днепре огромная змея заползла во двор жилого дома

В Днепре огромная змея заползла во двор жилого дома